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Created in 2020, Bush League Airlines was born out of the Pandemic. What started off as just a few friends bush flying in xcubs has slowly grown into a community with over 2500 members. Connected mostly through Discord, The Bush League Legends Community, and our subsequent Airline, Bush League Airlines is a fun place where like-minded pilots can come together and take their flight simming to the next level.

We are a laid-back bunch. While we take realism as seriously as we can, we also understand this is a hobby and want it to be fun and relaxing. You can fly as much or as little as you want and can tweak your experience to fit your own wants and needs.

We’ve tried hard to make the onboarding process as smooth and efficient as possible. There is no monetary cost to the pilot. Simply click the Join Now button, fill out the application, and a moderator will approve it. We also have a section with specific instructions and FAQ’s to help get you up and running.

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Latest 10 flight reports

Latest 10 Flights

Date Flight No. Departure ICAO Arrival ICAO Pilot Aircraft Landing Rate
Apr 1st AAL8321 KALB KROC   LGD4 Airbus A320neo FlyBy... -144fpm
Apr 1st VIP351 SAME SCEL   LGD6 Black Square King Ai... -197fpm
Apr 1st GLO1062 SBGR SBRJ   LGD2 PMDG 737-800 Aerolin... -272fpm
Apr 1st AAL7699 LOWI EGLL   LGD4 Airbus A320neo FlyBy... -303fpm
Apr 1st GRC-007 L05 O24   LGD39 Cessna 152 Asobo JPL... -21fpm
Apr 1st ANA1768 ROIG ROAH   LGD2 PMDG 737-800 ANA All... -258fpm
Mar 31st ARG1364 SABE SPJC   LGD2 PMDG 737-800 Aerolin... -81fpm
Mar 31st AAL7699 LOWI EGKK   LGD4 Airbus A320neo FlyBy... -138fpm
Mar 31st ACA7031 KPIE KCPS   LGD2 FenixA320_ACACFKPTJE... -515fpm
Mar 30th AAL9655 KJFK KCLT   LGD4 Airbus A320neo FlyBy... -267fpm

Top 5 greased landings this week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Aircraft Landing Rate Performance Score
  Abel Rios GRC-007 O24 Apr 1st -21 fpm 100%
  Kitty Walker N058SB KBEC Mar 27th -22 fpm 100%
  Kitty Walker N058SB KBIE Mar 27th -39 fpm 100%
  Kitty Walker N058SB KBIE Mar 28th -39 fpm 100%
  Abel Rios GRC-006 L05 Mar 30th -65 fpm 100%

Latest Members

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  Abel Rios U.S.A U.S.A 2023-03-18
  Syd Kowall Canada Canada 2023-03-14
  Rance Lentz U.S.A U.S.A 2023-02-28
  Kitty Walker U.S.A U.S.A 2023-02-05
  Claude Lessard Canada Canada 2023-01-15
  Ross Riviere U.S.A U.S.A 2023-01-05
  Jesse Malone Canada Canada 2022-12-30

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